About Leadership Landing

We work with one leader at a time.

Our unique approach taps into real-time peer feedback and the power of mindfulness to help leaders become more present, more deliberate, more grounded, and better able to connect their intentions with decisions and actions, resulting in a more engaged, self-motivated workplace.

By helping leaders develop their potential in these areas, organizations can reach their collective potential, one leader at a time.

Founded in 2009, Leadership Landing has worked with the senior leadership teams of some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

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Meet Our Team

Hal Adler

Executive Coach/Founder

Hal Adler is the Founder of Leadership Landing, an executive coaching, team coaching, and 360 assessment firm focused on helping leaders awaken great leadership in themselves and their organizations. Leadership Landing has worked with executives and companies ranging from 100 to 250,000 employees, across a broad spectrum of industries.

Hal is a certified coach and mindfulness expert with extensive leadership and management experience in Fortune 500 companies, start-up consulting firms and midsize companies.

Joanna Adler, PsyD

Executive Coach/Co-Founder

Joanna Adler is an Executive Coach at Leadership Landing. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and has specialized in working with individuals and groups in business and private settings since 1993.

Joanna has facilitated groups of many kinds for 20 years, and thus has a deep and thorough understanding of group dynamics and how those dynamics create corporate culture. She also has a knack for helping individuals design the interventions they need to create change or cope more effectively in a business setting.

Pam Brenner

Operations and Project Management

Pam Brenner is our Business Operations and Project Management consultant. With 25+ years of project, program, portfolio, and team management experience in the software industry, Pam is an analytical thinker and excellent problem solver, who drives to solutions with a focus on clients and the business. Having gone through a variety of leadership training courses during her 20 year tenure at Autodesk, she has an appreciation of the potential that leadership coaching has to unlock the leaders in all of us.

Robynne O’Byrne

Executive Coach

Robynne O’Byrne is a Leadership Landing Executive Coach and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. In her capacity as an executive coach, Robynne has worked with clients from a variety of business settings and has worked with leaders and executives from industries including Health Care, Finance, Law, Technology, Education, Retail & Professional Services.

Robynne’s approach to executive coaching is influenced by her training as a clinical psychologist and her experiences working as part of an administrative team.

Skye Thompson

Facilitator, Strategy Consultant

Skye has spent most of his career in startups. Whether a Japanese vegan fast-casual lunchroom in downtown San Francisco, a gen-3 photovoltaic solar technology startup, or a mobile emergency response app for firefighters, Skye has found that he thrives in the outward-expanding environment that any new business demands.

Denise Verolini

Executive Coach

Denise Verolini is a Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach and organizational consultant with over 30 years of experience. She believes that individual and team performance is determined not just by talent, skill and hard work, but also by the culture within which the work happens, and the degree of trust with managers, coaches, peers and the organization. She helps clients understand and improve how they are perceived and the nature of their impact on others.

Kim Welsch

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Strategy Consultant

Kim Welsch has been working with leaders and their teams for 15 years. Her unique blend of practical business experience, combined with a fierce yet empathic style and a touch of humor, serves to foster new perspectives and greater results for her clients.

Prior to advising and coaching executives, Kim managed culturally diverse teams in Europe and Russia, having P&L responsibility for six Metromedia Telecom offices, now part of Verizon. After receiving her MBA (Columbia University, finance and operations), Kim spent four years building financial models, running regression analyses and analyzing balance sheets in the world of telecommunications and technology investment banking.

Our Philosophy

One leader at a time. Honing great leadership requires desire, a clear point of view, and most of all, practice, practice, practice.

Companies spend massively on training to improve skills. But the difference between good and great leaders is not just about skill sets, toolkits or training. Most importantly, it is about five very specific fundamental ways of being.

We call these the Five Attributes of Great Leaders...


The conscious understanding of one's feelings, motives, desires, and character


Willingness to take measured risk for the good of an organization


The greater good often requires putting the needs of others first


Raw determination, the belief that there has got to be a better way


Excitement and enthusiasm for a shared vision

Leaders with a deep understanding of these core strengths will communicate, inspire and engage more effectively than those without. Our core belief is that by helping leaders reach their potential in these five essential areas, we are helping organizations reach their collective potential. One leader at a time.

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Why meditation plays a key role in our work

Meditation. Possibly the best-kept secret of some the least stressed, most successful leaders you know.

It’s what leaders like Jeff Wiener, Marc Benioff, Phil Jackson, and companies like Google, Xerox and Apple have in common.

Companies across all industries have realized the benefits of a less stressed, more focused employee base, and are offering meditation classes on-site. Leaders who meditate often are less reactive, bring more attention to detail and have a more balanced, deliberate approach to interactions and decisions.

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"It takes a special person to take the report and create their own development path. There is definitely insight there but the coaching is a huge help.”

—Maurie DeWitt, VP, Bob Moore Auto Group

One leader at a time. Honing great leadership requires desire, a clear point of view, and most of all, practice, practice, practice.

About Leadership Landing

Meet Our Team

Download the
“Five Attributes”
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